All Classes of cattle starting with bred cow's, baby & started calves. Followed by feeder cattle, fat cattle & slaughter cows & bull * *Private Treaty Cattle available on a daily basis

KLQL-101.1 FM Monday - Saturday
7:13 A.M.
KIWA 105.3 FM or 1550 AM Thursday live broadcast 7:55 AM



Sheldon Livestock's current owners have been in business for 30 years.We sell an average of 100,000 cattle annually. Let our experience in the livestock industry benefit you in marketing your livestock.



If you are selling Holstein steers and they are already tagged, please bring any
documentation with tag numbers listed.  A range of tag numbers is acceptable.
If you have any question, please call 712.324.3144

If you are a new buyer, pre-registration is required!
You can fill out the buyer registration form below or provide a
letter of credit from your bank before you buy and before sale day.
Photo ID is required!
www.2440 Sheldon Buyer Registration.pdf

All Livestock Producers/Sellers need to have a Combined
Continuous Affidavit (COOL Affidavits and Drug Residue Free)
form on file (link below). Please complete the form and return it
to our office as soon as possible. Thank you!
www.combined Sheldon Affidavit_1.doc


Affidavits for Drug Free and No Implant Fat Cattle
www.Drug Free Affidavit-Sheldon_1.pdf
http://www.No Implant Affidavit-Sheldon_0001.pdf


For upcoming sales in future months please click on the arrows located on the calendar!